Zeagle Standard Surface Marker Buoy / Safety Suasage

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Zeagle Standard Signal Tube - Surface Marker Buoy  "Safety Sausage"

This is the most popular signal tube available.  It is easy to inflate (and deflate afterwards!), double-stitched along the seams, and is large enough to be seen while not being cumbersome.

*Meets offshore boat diving requirements!

**Let us know in checkout notes if you'd like us to bring this to the dive site added to your cart!  There is no charge for this service=0)

The Standard Signal Tube is a surface signaling device with its fluorescent orange and neon yellow coloring. The tube is inflated at the surface with an oral inflation valve and measures 6” x 60” for maximum visibility in choppy waters. Zeagle Signal Tubes roll up and fasten with hook & loop straps in a tight roll that will fit in a BCD pocket until needed. Two types of mesh pouches are available to attach your signal tube to your Zeagle BC, as well.

It comes in orange/yellow combination color (front/back).

A reel is also quite common with this purchase, to release the buoy earlier at depth to have it inflated and waiting at the surface while on your safety stop.