Watershot Housing - iPhone 4, 4S

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This is a complete Watershot iPhone Housing that fits iPhone 4 or 4S.

Comes complete with a glass lens port and black rubberized baffle for optical image clarity, lens bezel for accessory lenses and filters.  It also includes a smart yet simple mounting system consisting of an integrated, robust tripod mount with available Pro Mount adapter to utilize endless GoPro® mounting options. The Watershot base model is depth rated to 40 M / 130 FT. The iPhone is fully suspended within the housing ensuring the phone and screen are effectively shielded from wear, tear, shock and pressure. 

The available FREE App allows the housing to function seamlessly with your smartphone.

  • Glass Lens = optical image clarity
  • Lens Baffle = no backscatter light or halo effect
  • Threaded Lens Bezel = screw on lenses & filters
  • Universal Tripod Mount = maximum flexibility with available adapter to utilize endless GoPro® mounts
  • APP = optimize your images and share them with your network [available on the App Store & Google Play]

Strongly Recommended:  Red Filter (returns color to items greater than 10', brings underwater scenery back to life)