Trashy Dive at Ponce Inlet

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This is a guided, high tide dive on the North Jetty of Ponce Inlet.  Also a trash pickup for NAUI's Trashy Diver contest!  Food & drink provided afterward, cost is $20 which includes grilled food, drinks, snacks, a dive instructor guide, & one rental tank (or air fill).
Cost of park entry is not included ($5 estimated).
Meet in the park at picnic tables closest to the Jetty. We will begin to enter the water  slightly before high tide.  Also, the sun is at its peak brightness for maximum visibility at this time of day.

Park Address:
Address: 5000 S Atlantic Ave, Ponce Inlet, FL 32127
Phone:(386) 756-7488


Required Equipment:

  • Full scuba gear setup
  • Rubber-sole booties (no bare feet or neoprene socks)
  • Gloves
  • Safety Sausage (Surface Marker Buoy)
  • Full-coverage exposure protection (full-length wetsuit or rash guard)


Recommended Items:

  • Knife
  • Lift Bag
  • Dive Light
  • Hood or lycra/sharksin head cover
  • Mesh bag

This will be potentially limited visibility, which can range from 3'-12' (average is 6')

It will require climbing over some jetty rocks with scuba gear on.

Maximum depth is approx. 35', average 15'.

Temps estimated to range between: 70-80 F

Common items are lures, anchors, line, and the usual cans/bottles/caps...and of course treasure chests! 

Keep our oceans and your dive skills nice 'n tidy!


*Note that tank rental/fills, rental gear, or any other required/needed gear must be picked up by the day before (before end of business day).  We will deliver/return tanks or gear for $10.  You can pay cash on arrival for this service if you prefer.