ScubaPro or SS1 Style Quick Disconnect Adapter

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This allows you to connect your alternate air source to your regulator set.  Whether a Zeagle, Scubapro AIR2 or Atomic SS1, all you need is a low pressure hose and this will screw into the end.
Many recreational scuba divers prefer to use an alternate air source integrated into their BCD power inflator mechanism, thereby eliminating the octopus and hose.  It is also easier to find in a real emergency.
If you aren't sure the application, just shoot us a call or bring your gear into our dive shop here in Saint Augustine and we will get you hooked up!
  • Any regular scuba LP (Low pressure) hose will connect
  • Installs to the second stage end of a regulator hose
  • Chromed brass constriction
  • Low pressure use only - 200psi
  • Compatible with: ScubaPro Air 2, Atomic SS1, Zeagle Octo-Z, Tusa Duo Air, Sherwood Gemini

Also a great way to upgrade your basic rubber hose to a Miflex Braided Color Hose