Open Water Scuba Certification Course

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Next Course Dates...

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Once you sign up, you will receive a follow up email inquiring about which dates work best for you! Begin the journey of a lifetime, a scuba certification never expires...

We have a scuba diving class that suits every need...

From budget-friendly courses in Florida's freshwater springs, to private lessons or ocean trips to South Florida and the Keys.  There is nothing more important to becoming a scuba diver than your initial open water training.  This is what sets iDive apart.

private scuba lessonsstandard scuba courseocean scuba certification

We offer Three major choices for how you wish to get your scuba diver certification:

1)  Private Scuba Course:  Your schedule, your pace, your course! You can add additional classmates at standard rate.  Ocean or freshwater springs available.

2)  Standard Scuba Course:  Budget-friendly, many to choose from, closer to home.  Final 2 days at freshwater springs convenient to Saint Augustine, Jacksonville and Palm Coast areas.

3) Ocean Scuba Course with Boat Dives:  First 2 days in Saint Augustine.  Second 2 days at a South Florida or Keys dive resort, with final dives taking place on a dive boat on coral reefs offshore.  

time required for scuba certification


It's common to see these taken over two weekends. Here is the typical course breakdown:

  • Day 1:  Classroom session at iDive 
  • Day 2:  Pool day at one of our heated pools in St. Augustine 
  • Day 3:  Skills practice in open water (Springs or Ocean)
  • Day 4:  Final dives in open water (Springs or Boat/Ocean)

This course can be completed in 3 days on your own schedule if you elect a private course!

The course fee includes:

  • Learning materials (NAUI eLearning and classroom time with your instructor)
  • Rental of BCD Vest, Wetsuit, Regulator and Computer, Tanks
  • Pool and Instructor Fees/Tuition
  • Boat Fees* (for ocean checkout dive courses)
  • Spring Fees (for freshwater springs courses)
  • Open Water Scuba Certification Card (upon successful completion)
  • Resort fee* (Optional for South FL / Keys option - dbl occupancy)
  • Transportation* - Some courses include this option.

You will need to get properly fitted and purchase in-shop:

  • Scuba grade Mask
  • Scuba grade Snorkel
  • Scuba grade Fins
  • Scuba grade Fin Booties (above-ankle, cannot be velcro surf booties
  • Soft weights (10% of body weight)
  • Safety Sausage / Signal Tube and Reel
  • Dive Log
  • Bag to keep everything in
  • We offer a 25% discount on course price when required startup gear is purchased through iDive (this ensures proper fit, function, and instructor troubleshooting during your training.)

In addition, you'll have one of our crew help you fit, size and explain the pros and cons of various items.  We've taken great lengths to "weed out" problematic scuba gear, as we will be in the water teaching you on that very gear.  We want to see you to succeed.

This also allows you to swap out equipment that doesn't fit or seal properly during the course, even after it gets wet!  (This is critical)

NEW OPTION! - Since most will need to purchase the required startup gear anyway, we've created a way to get the standard scuba course FREE (or cost equivalent toward another course) by getting essentially what you would need (or want!) anyway. Feel free to call to inquire more about this offer. 

scuba diving fins

YOUR CERTIFICATION:  Once scuba certified, you can dive the world!  Whether joining our dive trips, diving on your own, or traveling abroad, your "Open Water" Scuba Certification never expires and is accepted worldwide!  We issue a NAUI Certification card, which is the oldest and most accepted agency with the highest safety record..  While you may have heard of PADI Certification, SSI or other agencies, NAUI offers the most versatile and widely accepted cert card in the industry.

Scuba Certification Course Pricing

For up-to-date available courses, be sure to call, stop by, or email us:

Call: (904) 460-6096


PRIVATE COURSEProduces the most comfortable & competent divers

For the First Student:

  • $789 First Student (if you already have your startup gear)


  • $649 Purchase required startup gear through iDive. (Recommended)

For Additional Students:

  • $399 Each additional (If already have own startup gear).


  • $299 Each additional (When you purchase required gear through iDive).

Freshwater Springs - Price includes spring fees!

(For South Florida reef/boat dives, add $400pp plus hotel)

    STANDARD COURSE - Freshwater Springs  *Now includes all spring fees!

    • $299 Per Person - Purchase required startup gear from iDive (Recommended)
    • $399 Per Person - Bring your own approved startup gear.

    OCEAN COURSE  - Pompano or Key Largo

    • $729 - Includes resort stay - Purchase required startup gear from iDive (Recommended)
    • $889 - Includes resort stay - Bring your own approved startup gear

    *Transportation via shuttle van from iDive provided where specified, in most cases.  See individual course description or drop down. 



    get fitted for dive gear

    Once you place a deposit on the course we will personally email you the eLearning activation code so you can get started!  Depending on time of day, this often goes out same day.

    After that, come in and get fitted for your personal gear anytime before the course starts. We recommend at least a week early if possible.

    You'll receive an itinerary about a week before the start date with exact dates, times and a checklist of what to bring, etc.

    From there, just show up on the dates ready to have fun!


    🐙 HELP!  Not sure which class to take...

    Should I do Spring or Ocean checkout dive course?  

    If your schedule or budget allows, we always recommend the ocean option for boat and marine life experience!  Our courses can be completed in the freshwater Florida springs locally, in South Florida, or the Keys from a dive boat on coral reefs! (See dates/drop-down).  Your actual scuba certification is EXACTLY the same regardless of which course you choose.  It is only your personal experience that is different.

    Florida Springs:

    • Lower cost.
    • No weather or boat delays that may cause a reschedule.
    • No overnight stays needed.
    • More dates to choose from (this is the most common option).
    • Often less drive time (2hrs vs 4hrs from St. Augustine)

    See a sample of one of our recent dive classes at a freshwater spring:

    A video posted by iDive (@idiveflorida) on


    South Florida / Keys Ocean Checkout Dives:

    • Prepares you for ocean/boat diving worldwide!
    • Coral reefs and vast array of exciting marine life.
    • Learn how to dive in currents, greater depths, and with additional equipment.
    • An overnight stay in the South Florida area often provides more opportunity to get to know your fellow divers and our crew better.
    • We also offer long weekends in Pompano or Key Largo, with hotel and transportation included!  This is the ultimate way to get certified, and enjoy a mini vacation, too!
    • Divers who learn to dive in the ocean typically become more active divers.
    • You'll have a bigger story to show, post and tell!

    Once you are registered in an ocean course, you'll get an itinerary with the hotel we are staying in, addresses, Google Map links, and other critical info to help it all flow smoothly.  No need for a car when joining our Key Largo or Pompano weekend trips - the hotel is on the marina, with plenty of stores and restaurants to walk to!

    A video posted by iDive (@idiveflorida) on


    A closer look at how to take a scuba class with us...

    Where to start:


    Once you've booked a deposit or paid for a course here on this page, you'll get a welcome email with an activation code within a few business days at most.

    The next step is to come in at some point before the start date get fitted for your basic required skin gear. (We recommend at least a week when possible).  This will also give you a chance to ask questions, look at other trips after your course.

      Anytime between now & course start, you can come get fitted for your required, personal gear.


      Typical schedule will look similar to this:

      Day 1:  Classroom: You will have completed your e-learning prior to the classroom day, so we will go over what you learned and spend extra time on dive planning and dive physiology (these are often the hardest parts!)

      Day 2:  Pool Training  (5-8hrs on site)  Note:  We use our local heated pools during cooler/colder months.

      Day 3:  Open Water dives.  Practice skills learned in pool, but in a real setting.

      Day 4:  Open Water dives.  While some skills will be exercised, this is primarily a pleasure dive.  The final day is often considered the "payoff".  Once completed, you are certified for life! 

      Ocean - specific:

      Day 3:  Shore Dive - Blue Heron Bridge, Lauderdale by the Sea, or on a boat in Key Largo.  Most of the day on-site, going over basic skills and rehearsing skills learned in pool.

      Day 4:  Dive Boat - We will conduct two complete dives on the coral reefs just offshore.  Here the water is very clear as we are diving in the Gulf Stream.  It also nurtures an abundant variety of tropical coral reefs and marine life, including sea turtles, moray eels, sharks and Goliath grouper.  *Ocean reef checkout dives in South Florida will typically have an overnight stay and two days in Key Largo.  It is about a 3-4hr drive from Saint Augustine to Palm Beach area dives, and 6hrs to Key Largo marina.

      REMEMBER:   Classes do not always follow this timeline.  Also, you may elect a private course which can be completed in as little as three days, or take portions of the course privately if dates do not match up.

      ***Get FOUR people together (minimum) to take a course, and you may create your own schedule at standard rate!***

      • *A more detailed itinerary will be emailed approx. 7days prior to course start, or upon signup.
      • Although the planned location rarely changes, we may change this due to weather or environmental issue.  Not to worry, iDive will contact you if you are enrolled in the course to inform you of this change.
      • All times & locations are subject to change.  It is student's responsibility to provide iDive with correct phone number and/or email and monitor these channels in case of last-minute change of itinerary!
      • While most courses stick to the original posted times, please leave extra room for sudden changes (be flexible - this is scuba diving!)

      IMPORTANT!  Paying for a course online does not guarantee certification.  It is your responsibility to attend ALL portions of the course, follow instructions, and be on time.  If you do not receive an itinerary prior to the 10 day period or if you do not hear from us after signing up, please confirm with the shop and/or instructor for the times & locations.

      Once you become certified, your card is valid for the rest of your life!  However, you should dive at least every 6 months to stay "active".  This is typically verified by using a dive log.

      NAUI Certification is the most accepted certification worldwide.  It is the agency of choice for NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab, Disney's Dive Quest, FDNY, Dept. of Defense, Florida Aquarium & many more.

      Should your NAUI scuba card ever become lost, simply contact us for a replacement.

      You may also verify your certification online if you don't bring it with you somewhere or lose it.


      And finally, the FINE PRINT...


      Course payment - Pay in full now or place a deposit.  Either will reserve your spot, and allow you to receive your eLearning activation so you can begin the coursework!  Note the initial deposit (or first $100) is non-refundable.  

      NOTE:  Often with good communication, we can roll your deposit into another course at no charge.

      No part may be refunded once the course begins.

      If you are unable to attend the course due to unforeseen events or illness, your payment will be credited toward any future course, including private courses, if below stipulations are met:

      A course may be cancelled anytime 10 days from start date or more. 

      1. One cancellation can be made less than 10 days before course start
      2. A second cancellation less than 10 days prior to course start date will forfeit the $100 deposit or be charged an additional $100 if already paid in full.
      3. A third cancellation less than 10 days prior to start date will forfeit all payments. 

      Scuba Certification course participation requirements: 

      Must be:

      • At least 10 years of age
      • Free of current, active Asthma
      • Free of Epilepsy / Seizures
      • Free of Insulin-dependent Diabetes
      • Must not be pregnant

      Student is responsible for:

      • Transportation (Unless transportation is specified)  *Carpooling can be arranged in advance most of the time, with good notice and communication!
      • Timely Arrival, verifying time/location.
      • Completion of all required skills within given timeframe for course.
      • Being prepared for each session (reading course requirements, checklists, etc.)
      • Bringing proper attire (swimsuits, towels, warm clothes [seasonal], etc.)
      • Pickup and return of all rental gear each session (unless arranged or specified otherwise)
      • Boat tipping (for boat diving option in ocean).
      • Having as MUCH FUN AS POSSIBLE!!!  This is scuba diving=0)

      *Note that instructors can deliver/pickup all gear for a courtesy tip of $10 each day.

      FAQ: Can I "Tag Along" and dive with my significant other?

      We do not permit other certified divers (IE Parents, spouses, siblings, etc) to participate alongside the students, regardless of certification level or experience.  No exceptions. 

      The SOLE VARIANCE to this rule is the final checkout dive portion (last day).  We allow other certified divers to attend provided they meet the following criteria at least ONE DAY PRIOR TO THE DATE OF DIVE.  This is strictly enforced to keep students safe and Instructors from being task-loaded, as they are always responsible for everyone diving by legal default.

      In order for a certified diver to attend the final dive, the following must be met (no exceptions):

      • MUST have any scuba diving gear (BCD Vest, Regulator setup) inspected by an instructor or shop staff at least one day PRIOR to the dive.  If renting gear, be sure to pickup or arrange transport of gear in advance.
      • MUST provide Instructor or shop staff proof of scuba certification, and proof of a dive within past 6 months.  No exceptions!
      • Anytime instruction is being given, divers must exercise "passive observance" and in no way interfere with any element of training.
      • DIVERS MUST NOT INTERFERE WITH INSTRUCTOR TRAINING.  This is counter productive to student learning, confusing the student as to who to listen to, distracting to the student and instructor, and can cause undue performance stress to the student.  While we understand the desire to be there for your friend or loved one, more often than not it adds an additional layer of stress for the student and instructor.  The industry standard is to not allow outside divers to participate in training courses.  However, if the above criteria are met, iDive makes an exception for the final checkout dive. 

      These rules are in place to ensure the student gets the best training possible, so they are equipped and ready to go diving with their friends or loved ones as soon as the class ends.

      iDive Florida uses pools, springs and dive sites convenient to Saint Augustine, Palm Coast, Palatka, Ponte Vedra, Julington Creek, Mandarin, Flagler Beach, Hastings & Green Cove Springs. 

      🐳 iDive is the best-reviewed dive shop in the Jacksonville area based on number and positive online reviews.

      We hope to see you in the next class! If you have any questions, be sure and just ask.

      What are you wading for?