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Rescue Scuba Diver Certification Course

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(eLearning must be completed prior to start date - not to worry, an activation code will be issued upon signup within 1 business day).

Course fee includes:
  • eLearning activation and physical learning materials
  • Rental tanks (you must arrange pickup)
  • Card (upon successful completion)
Students must have:
  • All scuba gear -BCD / Regulator set (or arrange rental gear)
  • Must own your own personal skin gear (mask/fins/snorkel/etc)
  • All gear must be in current maintained condition, in working order.
  • Testing gear the day of the class is not accepted (Properly tested/functioning dive gear is part of being a rescue diver)
  • Transportation
The NAUI Rescue Diver course is recognized & respected worldwide.  It's one of the best ways to improve confidence underwater, as well as your ability to assist yourself & other divers should an accident happen while diving.  It's also a great way to improve overall enjoyment of diving.
Most divers say this was the most fulfilling course they've taken, and often say this is where they crossed the threshold of becoming a truly comfortable and competent diver.


Other requirements:

  • Advanced Open Water Certified (any agency)
  • At least one logged dive within prior 60 days
  • Age 15 or above
  • CPR/1st Aid Certification required (may be taken with this course, unless already certified)  This may be arranged separately at a different date.
  • Must have your own equipment (rental available upon request, rental tanks are provided)
  • Entry into park/boat or facilities (unless otherwise stated)
Your prior training (Open Water, Advanced, etc.) does NOT have to be with NAUI.  Any recognized scuba diving agency is welcome to take our course.  This would include PADI, SSI, SDI, or NASE.  Upon completion, your Rescue Cert Card will be a NAUI issued card.
This certification meets the requirements of many Police & Fire Dept. dive teams, the Disney dive programs, and is often a prerequisite for Marine Biology, Animal Care & Training, Aquarists, and other marine and aquarium facility positions.  Examples of these would include The Seas at Epcot, Marineland, Georgia Aquarium, Sea World, The Florida Aquarium & others.
This certification also meets the prerequisites for entering the NAUI Master Scuba Diver Course, Training Assistant, Divemaster, and Instructor courses.
This is also a prerequisite for participating in many of our extracurricular programs.

cpr and first aid certification


First Aid/CPR Certification is required to complete the Rescue Scuba Diver Course.
This is normally offered during the course.  If already certified & you feel competent in the skills, you will only need to show proof of your current certification in CPR & First Aid.
The Rescue Diver training course consists of three parts:
  • Academic (often through eLearning and on-site instruction)
  • Confined Water (pool or freshwater spring training)
  • Open Water (springs or ocean)

For any other questions or to learn more, please feel free to ask us in person at the dive shop or

Contact Us here.

Get ready to:

  • Feel better.
  • Dive safer.
  • Meet new skilled divers.
  • Move up the certification ladder.
  • Enjoy diving even more!