Replacement Rubber Scuba Hoses

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Standard Scuba Diving Hose Replacement

Here you can replace any of your OEM high or low pressure hoses for regulators, BC inflators, gauges or drysuits.

Low pressure hoses are the hoses that connect your regulators (primary or octopus), as well as your BCD inflator hoses that have the quick-disconnect on the end.  *NOTE: You can also attach any standard low pressure hose to a BCD quick disconnect adapter if you wish.  This comes in handy when upgrading to a colored Miflex braided hose.

High pressure hoses are typically use for connecting your pressure gauges, or air-integrated computers.

Most primary regulator hoses are 28"-30" in length, and octopus hoses (safe second) range from 32" on up (Average is 36").  Although not a necessity, many divers prefer their secondary regulator hoses to be yellow for ease of locating in an emergency.

BCD quick-disconnect hoses by default are 28" (most common).  However, some divers with very small or very large BC sizes, or other specific dive applications, may prefer a more precise measurement:

Remember these are only suggestions and your scuba rig or preference may vary.

We will happily replace and test these hoses in our dive shop at no charge when purchased through iDive.

If unsure of the right size, most divers are pretty safe with the 28" length.  Any other request or instructions, just use the contact form and let us know!