Rainbow River Dive and Dine

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Rainbow River

Pontoon Dive and Dine

Easiest boat dive you'll ever do!

Want to do something EPIC with dad? Want to see if that camera is working before a big dive? Need to get that new wetsuit wet? Don't want your gills to dry out?  Why not join us October 3rd at Rainbow River!

  • Tank rental or fill
  • Guide (iDive Instructor or Divemaster)
  • Lunch 
  • Drinks (chilled bottled water & sodas)
Must sign up prior to day of the dive.  Be sure to arrange pickup for tanks or any additional rental gear needed.
Rental gear or any other required gear not included.  Please ask if unsure what other costs/equipment may be required.
Not scuba certified? No problem! Snorkelers are welcome for 55$