Nitrox Certification - eLearning

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You can take the Nitrox Course completely online with the eLearning program! You may also take this is part of your open water course!

Nitrox IMPROVES:  

  • Bottom Time
  • Safety Margins
  • How you feel after the dive (less tired)


  • Wait Time between dives (Surface Interval Time)
  • Fatigue
  • Risk of Decompression Sickness


Nitrox boosts the oxygen in the air you breath, thus reducing the nitrogen your body takes in while diving.  It’s better for you up until a point, but then there can be TOO much oxygen which can be a problem, too.  

Take our short one-visit class & learn how to use it to MASSIVELY enhance your diving experience!

Once your e-learning is complete just schedule a time to meet with an iDive instructor here in the shop. Just like Open Water Scuba Certification, it’s good for life!


Common Questions:

  • YES, any other scuba certification card is accepted as a prerequisite to take the course.  Your new photo ID card will be issued by NAUI, but it doesn’t matter what agency you were originally certified with!
  • Nitrox is optimally used for diving between 40’ to 130’ of depth.