๐ŸŒœ Night Dive / Shore Dive ๐ŸŒ›

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๐ŸŒœ Blue Heron Bridge Night and Shore Dives๐ŸŒ›

When : August 21st at 7pm and 22ndย at 7amย 

Join us for a double dip at Blue Heron Bridge. We'll do a night dive Saturday evening and jump back in Sunday morning before heading home.

Blue Heron is known for its abundance of aquatic life. New artificial reefs are in place causing a swell of aquatic life. The area is teeming with fish, eels,ย and even seahorse colonies (have an eye out for them. They are not easy to spot)!ย 

Cost: $39.00

What's Included:

  • Guides: We'll have our instructors and divemasters to lead you
  • Tanks

What's Required:

  • Sign up prior to the day of the dive
  • Dive light (Primary and Back up light) We suggest the Sola & Gobe combo
  • Dive flag (if you plan on diving without the group)
  • surface marker buoy (whether you dive alone or with our group)
  • Rental Gear as needed


    • The dives can be signed off for Advanced Certificationย (night dive and shore dive)
    • Blue Heron Bridge is not far from awesome, downtown West Palm Beach. Turn your trip into a mini vacation


    Q: What if I have never done a night dive before?

    Answer: Perfect! This is a great first night dive. Shore diving is more relaxed than boat diving and there will be an active status guide leading the way. Just be sure to fulfill what is required for the dive.ย 

    What are you wading for?