Navigation Dives

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Navigation Training Dive


Skill Level:  Beginner/Intermediate

Meets Advanced Diver Certification for 2 Navigation Dives!

One rental tank is included in price.

This dive shows you how to use a compass underwater, how to measure distance, and conduct a search pattern as well as returning to where you began.
Two dives in total will be conducted, meeting the requirements for Advanced Certification Navigation. (2 of 6 required dives for Advanced will be satisfied.)

Cost is $30 pp, plus park entry fee 

MANDATORY Requirements:
Underwater Compass
Full length protection (chillguard, rashguard or wetsuit).
Gloves (any thickness)
Booties (open-heeled fins)

Strong Recommendations:
Hood (in case of jellies, or extreme low viz). Lycra, Chillguard or Neoprene OK.
Waterproof sunblock prior to dive