NAUI Rescue Scuba Diver Certification NES-VA012

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The NAUI Rescue Scuba Diver Certification NES-VA012, comes with these three courses:

1. Rescue Scuba Diver

The NAUI Rescue Scuba Diver and NAUI Advanced Rescue Scuba Diver courses are for certified divers who desire additional training or orientation to a variety of diving sites and conditions. Divers must be a minimum of 15 years of age to enroll in a NAUI Rescue Scuba Diver course.

 2. Search and Recovery Diver

    At some point in your diving career, you or your buddy will either lose or find something underwater and the knowledge and skills you gain in the NAUI Search and Recovery Diver course will help you when you do. You'll learn about underwater navigation using natural and compass techniques; the problems, methods, equipment, hazards, and safety procedures regarding limited visibility diving; proper search methods and techniques; and how to handle light salvage or recovery, including rigging and knot tying.

    3. DAN Neurological Assessment (Neuro)

    DAN’s Neurological Assessment course teaches you how to properly manage injuries with neurological implications. You will learn to recognize these injuries and properly perform a neurological assessment. You’ll also learn what information to collect and relay to emergency medical services. Recognizing symptoms and responding quickly can shorten recovery times and improve long-term outcomes.

    Included in this course:

    1. eLearning for all three courses

    2. Physical Certification Cards for all three courses

    3. Digital Cards for all three courses


    Students must provide their entire scuba kit including basic skin gear, buoyancy compensator device (BCD), weights, tanks, wetsuit, regulator, and computer. iDive staff will help to professionally fit you with gear tailored to your specific needs! When you sign up for this class iDive will add a 10% discount to your gear package.