Master Scuba Diver Course

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Master Scuba Diver Course


May 17th, 2020

The Master Diver Course takes your scuba skills to challenging new levels.  This course requires mastery of both practical in-water AND knowledge-based diving skills.

Skills include:

  • Low visibility diving
  • Deep diving
  • Lift Bag/Light Salvage
  • Navigation
  • Advanced buoyancy control
  • Advanced kicking technique

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Course Fee Includes:

  • eLearning package
  • Training
  • Lifetime certification card upon completion

Student is Responsible For:

  • Tanks and other gear rental as needed
  • Transportation
  • Boat/Park fees

*Note a $200 deposit will allow you the eLearning access code, and reserve your spot on the next (unless otherwise specified) course available.


  • Advanced Certified
  • Rescue Certified
  • 50 logged dives
  • At least one dive within 30 days of completing course
  • Must have ocean diving experience (even if course takes place at freshwater springs)
  • Students must have all their primary scuba gear, with the exception of tanks
  • Two dive lights (Primary & backup)
  • Lift bag
  • Reel
  • Gloves
  • Dive Knife
  • You must be at least of the age 15+ with NAUI Advanced Open Water or Equivalent to enroll. 

This course produces some of the safest and most competent divers, as not only physical, but mental skill is put to the test. 

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