Lion Fish Rodeo

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Help protect the reef by hunting this very invasive species! 

When : July 24th 2021 at 12:30PM

Where : Riviera Beach with Pirate's Paradise! 

Cost : $129

SPECIAL! GET 20% YOUR LIONFISH HOTEL AND SPEAR WHEN YOU PURCHASE WITH THIS DIVE! Hotels are in high demand right now, so we were only able to get 4! Order while they're available!

🏆 Prizes for smallest, largest and most!

After the dive, we'll be grilling up our catch and making tacos at the marina!

Advanced certifications required for this trip due to depth.

Required Items & Other Fees:

Strongly recommended 


Lion fish facts thanks to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission :

Do lionfish have any predators in Florida waters?

  • There is no indication that lionfish populations are being controlled by native predators. While some cases of individualized predation on lionfish do occur, they are rare.

How big do lionfish get?

  • Lionfish can grow to 15 inches or more in areas where they are not indigenous, some as large as 18.5 inches.

How often do lionfish reproduce?

  • Females release up to 30,000 eggs per spawn and can spawn every four days in warmer climates.

How long have lionfish been in Florida waters?

  • Lionfish were first reported off Florida's Atlantic Coast near Dania Beach in Broward County in 1985.
  • Beginning in 2000, the species was regularly seen off the southeast Atlantic coast of the U.S. They are now commonly found throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

 Don't want to Hunt? no worries join us for a fun dive!

** We will do our very best but can't guarantee the Lion Fish **