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Gear Service - VIP, Hydro, O2 Clean,Regulator Service

iDive is a full service dive shop.  We offer Visual Inspections (VIPs), Hydrostatic tests, O2 Cleanings and minor on-site repair of several items. Our Atomic Aquatics service tech can turn around regulators in just a couple days. 

  • VIPs (Visual Inspections) - Must be done once a year, and include an AIR fill (Nitrox available for additional fee)
  • Hydros (Hydrostatic Testing) - Must be done every 5 years, is stamped on tank, and includes VIP and AIR fill
  • O2 (Oxygen) - Cleaning must be done in order to fill to a custom mix of Nitrox.  If tank stays clean inside, this typically only needs done after a Hydro.
  • VIPs can be done on-site, please allow at least 30 minutes for completion, but we can only guarantee next day (on busy shop days when staffing is light).  
  • Hydros - Take about one week to get back.  they will come back VIP'd and filled. 

Service Prices:

  • Regulator Service - $65-$95
  • VIP - $14 (includes fill)
  • Hydro - $38 (includes VIP & fill)
  • O2 Clean - $25
  • BC Service (prices vary depending on parts needed)
  • Battery Replacement kit - 10$

Regulator Service - all major lines including:

  • Atomic Aquatics
  • Zeagle
  • Scuba Pro
  • Oceanic
  • Hollis
  • Sherwood
  • Mares
  • Dive Rite
  • Decor (limited models still serviceable)
  • US Divers (limited models still serviceable)
  • Aqua Long
  • Cresse