EZ Quick Disconnect Adapter for BC Inflator Hose

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Great add-on for a braided hose or replacement hoses for your BC inflator.  No hassle connect and disconnect makes it easier for divers to assemble their scuba gear.  It also has a flat side to easily rest on your BCD corrugated hose without stick out out awkwardly.  Although this may seem like a minor perk, divers are often quite pleased with how easy and clean these handy little guys are!
  • Convert any standard regulator hose to a BC quick disconnect hose
  • Installs on the second stage end of a regulator hose
  • Six point attachment with six ball bearings
  • "EZ" QD design, just push to attach - no need to pull back the collar
  • Low pressure use only - below 200 psi
  • By XS Scuba