Disney's Dive Quest at Epcot

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Disney's Dive Quest at Epcot

April 4, 2020 6pm SOLD OUT

An entirely different diving experience - Dive Quest never disappoints!

Dive with giant sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, sharks, and thousands of other tropical fish and other inhabitants.

Our Guests love diving with our group, many from past iDive classes, trips, and other dives!

If time and circumstance permits, you may also stick around for an extended backstage tour of the facility.

However, the most talked-about feature of this dive is hands-down, playing and interacting with guests inside the 60 windows bordering the restaurant, observations deck, ride tunnels, and lounges... The Seas at Epcot is the 2nd largest artificial aquarium in the world, fully-enclosed, 27' deep with nearly 6 million gallons (you could put the Epcot Ball, "Spaceship Earth" inside the aquarium with room to spare!)

In this dive you will get up close and personal to all the animals you would ever hope to see in the wild, not to mention the thousands of guests who will instantly make you feel like a "rock star" when they clamour for your attention in the windows...

  • No park admission needed
  • Meet outside the park at Guest Relations, to be escorted backstage for a tour
  • A tour will be given of the facility prior to the dive
  • Gear will be setup for you while on your tour
  • Lockers, towel, and showers are provided
  • No gear needed, but you may bring your own mask if you wish
  • A DVD will be made of your dive, which will be shown at end of dive and available for purchase *$35 is the cost, which is a 100% donation the the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund
  • You will be released back outside the park after the program ends, unless you already have a park pass/magic band. *This represents a policy update by The Walt Disney Company.