D4i Suunto NOVO Wireless Dive Computer Watch

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Do you like stress free diving? If so, then you will love the Suunto D4i. This lightweight dive computer is made from soft silicone, is user friendly and packed with great features designed to increase safety and simplicity.

Many of the crew at iDive actually wear this watch throughout the day due to it's sleek feel, bulletproof construction and appealing aesthetic.  It's also a great conversation starter.

The Suunto D4i has four modes: air, nitrox, free and off. There is a timer in the air/nitrox modes and a state-of-the-art apnea timer for free diving.

Enjoy a built in dive planner! That’s right, no dive tables. Have detailed graphical logs in addition to dive data on your PC or Mac instead of a less detailed logbook. Maximize your enjoyment wherever you decide to dive, all the while becoming safer.

One of the best features particular to the Suunto D4i is the continuous decompression algorithm (Suunto RGBM). While the dive tables are put away and done with, the Suunto D4i keeps going.

An optional feature is a wireless air integration that will tell you your current cylinder pressure and remaining airtime.

As active divers, we highly recommend this product and have a wireless integration display set up at the shop for you to come check out!


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