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ūüĆƬ†November¬†13th, 4pm

Location:  Ginnie Springs


5000 NE 60th Ave
High Springs, FL

Meet at main lobby to sign waivers. Age requirement 12+ and parents must accompany minors.

Must bring proof of certification.

An exotic dive in a crystal clear, freshwater spring cavern at night! ¬†The water at Ginnie Springs is so clear that even Jacques Cousteau wrote about it when he first dove there. ¬†Although this takes place in the white limestone cavern known as the ‚Äúballroom‚ÄĚ, cavern certification is not required as there is a clear exit out and nowhere to get lost. ¬†There is a small grate at the bottom that prevents divers from going down into what would become the cave. ¬†You can also hold onto this grate and feel the water flowing out of it with impressive force!¬† We will conduct a short orientation dive just before it gets dark.¬† This is to first familiarize everyone with the cavern while there is still daylight, and to make sure everyone's gear is functioning properly, comfortable and ready.

Once down inside and in position, our dive leader signals everyone to turn their lights off. ¬†Then, after a few moments of total darkness, we release a glowing cloud that begins to flow and disperse through the ballroom, transforming into millions of little ‚Äústars‚ÄĚ that float everywhere and silhouette the entire area, including the divers and their bubbles. ¬†This is one of the most surreal effects that can be experienced underwater, and is always a crowd pleaser! ¬†It is a simple dive, with hot indoor showers and changing rooms right near the water. Divers will need a dive light of their own to participate.¬†

We provide:

  • Park Entry
  • Underwater Glow/Lighting Materials
  • Professional Guide (iDive Staff)
  • 1 Rental Tank or 1 Airfill


  • Scuba Certification Card
  • Dive Light (Should be a primary light)
  • All Scuba Gear (available for rent, can also be delivered by iDive staff for $10/person)