Christmas Photos and Potluck with Santa!

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🎅🏻 Santa Pictures! 🎅🏻

December 15, 2019
Dive with Santa!


Probably the silliest dive we do all year, join the iDive crew and Santa himself for some goofy underwater Christmas pictures! We love doing this one with as many crew members as possible! Join us for a fun dive and a community potluck!

We provide a professional diver and a free tank rental or air fill!

A great way to stay practiced, and meet new people that love the same thing as you do!


  • Tank rental or fill
  • Guide (iDive Instructor or Divemaster)
  • Spring Fees
  • Sign up prior to the day of the dive
  • Arrangement pickup for tanks and any additional rental gear if needed
  • Bring a dish to share!
Have Fun 

This is one of the best ways to maintain or improve your diving skills, stay active, and have fun!  Remember, everyone else going is doing the exact same thing you are, sharing the same interests!  It's easy to make new friends, dive buddies, and learn about other dives!

These have become one of the most frequented & popular activities at iDive Florida!