Bahamas Relief Donation

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Donate here to assist the Bahamas in a grassroots relief. 

Rewards* are as follows:

Donate $5 get a free iDive sticker
Donate $25 get a free iDive t-shirt
Donate $50 get a free iDive Skin Shirt
Donate $100 get a free Stahlsac Net Bag
Donate $150 get a free Regulator Service (Atomic / Zeagle only)
Donate $200 get a free Gobe Flashlight
Donate $500 get a free Class (Open water / Advanced / Nitrox / Rescue)

Our good friend Ronnie Sharpton and countless others have donated time, goods and resources overwhelmingly to help the Bahamian people. They have put a focus on Grand Cay which is the furthest north inhabited island of all the Bahamas. It is a small “Family Island” where everybody knows everybody and probably way too well. It is basically a small village of people whose economy relies on fishing, diving and us fishing and diving with them. You wont see or hear about them on the news. So Ronnie and some friends went over and did the best we could with what time and resource we had. 250 mile round trip and worth every foot to know that we can be part of a solution. Here are just few pics of what they saw on the ground. The reward was the appreciation of the people of Grand Cay knowing they were not forgotten. Ronnie is planning another round trip with supplies to dry in 4 more homes next weekend. if you would like to help with this grassroot operation we will be taking donations cash, credit, paypal staring today at iDiveor click the Donate Now link below. All funds donated will go to this small village that will not get the attention the large islands get. If the grassroots thing is not your thing, please check out Operation 300 which is working with all the islands.

*For questions, see details in store