5MM Elastek Hood

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5MM Elastek Scuba Diving Hood

The world's most comfortable coldwater hood made from famous 5mm full-stretch ELASTEK neoprene. Easy on, easy off - no zipper required. The silky smooth glide skin around the seals make this hood actually a pleasure to wear underwater.

This hood is great for diving offshore Saint Augustine during the winter months, or diving freshwater springs on a cold winter day (even though the springs stay 72F year-round, it's nice:)

Many local commercial divers and boat cleaners also prefer this good as it layers easily with wetsuits and makes a nice soft seal around their face.

NOTE:  This is the only hood the dive shop owner can wear, as he he he cannot stand the claustrophobia he experiences with all other hoods.  He says it's the only hood that he feels comfortable putting in his store:)