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“Scuba diving certification is good for the rest of your life!  Our courses are designed to be fun, safe, and prepare you to go & dive the world!”   Welcome to a new chapter in your life…a much larger world.

Teaching scuba diving is the very thing that started iDive Florida, & what made us the best-reviewed class in NE Florida!  We have very competitive pricing, & minimal gear requirements to get started.  We also give you the total cost of the course up front (Our price includes books, your card, tanks, wetsuits, weight belt, scuba BC vest & regulator).  You will not get surprised with any fees/expenses along the way.

“Scuba certification teaches you how to dive, & our course takes you from beginning to end in a gently-paced format that never pushes you beyond your comfort level, but still helps you gain the confidence needed to become a diver.”


STANDARD COURSE = 4 days in total (2 days in town for class/pool, 2 days at the springs or ocean)
PRIVATE COURSE= 3 days in total (1 day in town, 2 at the springs)
PRIVATE ACCELERATED = 2 days (Day 1 at pool & springs, day 2 at springs)
SEMI-PRIVATE= break it up into evenings, nights, whatever, then join us for the days at the springs or ocean.
ELEARNING OPTION = Complete the first day online (skip the classroom portion)  Makes a total of 3 days.

***If you have 4 people sign up, you can create a course on your schedule at the standard rate.***

The standard class takes 4 days in total, which DO NOT have to be back-to-back. 

Most classes are done over the period of two weekends (Sat/Sun, Sat/Sun).  Not all classes are scheduled this way, but the standard formula will look something like this:

Day 1:  Class or Pool training - Here in St. Augustine
Day 2:  Class or Pool training - Here in St. Augustine -heated pool in colder months
Day 3:  Shallow Dives - Usually at a crystal clear freshwater spring.
Day 4:  Final checkout dives - Your final “pleasure dives” before becoming scuba certified!

***You will also find different schedules such as weekday classes, night classes, & others on our Calendar & Schedule Page.  We do weekday courses, accelerated courses (2 or 3 day), & private or semi-private courses where we can accommodate your schedule.

Private courses allow you to work one-on-one with the Instructor, on your schedule & at your pace.  You can learn on nights, weekends, weekdays, whatever.  We will also come to your personal pool upon request.  Just let us know when you want to be finished & what dates & times work best for you by using our contact form or emailing us.  See pricing for private scuba course.

private scuba instructor

2015 Reduced Rate for standard scuba course:  $399

Other options-

Individual Training Session Rates:

To deviate from the standard course schedule, and do part of it on your own custom schedule, or do part of it privately, these are the rates for individual sessions:

***These fees do not include park admission***
Classroom:  $65 first person, $20 each additional.
*Or you may elect the NAUI eLearning option prior to the class, this satisfied the academic classroom requirement.

Pool Session:  $85 first person, $45 each additional student
Open Water Session (shallow day - springs):  $165 first person, $50 each additional student
Open Water Session (final checkout - springs):  $145 first person, $45 each additional student
Open Water Session (final checkout - ocean charter/West Palm):  $565 first person, $99 each additional student (Plus $90 boat fee per person).

One-on-one classes on your own schedule, or a private class for you and your friends or family.

$789 First Person (freshwater certification)
 -$399each additional

$1,049.00 First Person  (saltwater reef/dive charter for final dives)
 -$499 each additional


All course fees already include:

  •     Books/learning materials
  •     All Tuition & Pool Fees
  •     Ocean Checkout Dives already include the boat fee in the price!
  •     All Rental Tanks, wetsuit, weightbelt, regulator/gauges, bc vest.
  •     Scuba Card upon completion

You will need to come in and get fitted for:

  •     Scuba Mask & Snorkel
  •     Fins
  •     Fin Booties
  •     Soft Weights (we will provide a weight belt)  -Approx 10% of body weight.

*New students get a 10% discount on those items automatically, as well as package prices!

This can be as low as $200, with average being around $400

NOTE:  If you already own these items, please let the Instructor know ahead of time & come in before the class starts to get them approved.  The mask must be scuba grade & made of silicone with tempered glass, full scuba sized fins, in excellent condition, & most importantly they need to be COMFORTABLE & PROPERLY FITTING.  These items are most critical in performing safely & enjoying yourself underwater.  We always recommend getting these items in our store because we have eliminated models/lines we know to be troublesome for divers, & we also let you exchange anything that doesn’t fit, seal or feel right during pool training with something else.  Our staff are also trained in finding proper fitting items & helping you make a decision based on the climate & type of diving you plan on doing, & how often you plan on doing it.  This personal equipment is the most important acquisition when starting out, & with proper care should stay with you for many years!


Once the course is complete...

Not only do you receive a full-color, rigid, photo ID card, (often called a “c-card”)but your are registered with NAUI (the certification agency), meaning you can look yourself up instantly online to prove you are certified or replace your card. This comes in handy should you show up to a dive excursion or get on a cruise ship only to realize you left your certification card back at home!

Your scuba certification c-card allows you to dive all over the world, rent scuba gear & tanks, go on dive boats & excursions, & allows you to progress to further education such as Advanced Diver, Nitrox Diver, Rescue Diver & beyond.  It also meets the prerequisites to work in many fields requiring water work, marine animal care, underwater maintenance & research, and much more.

“Open Water”
Open Water means essentially basic/normal scuba certification.  When people say “Scuba Certified”, it is usually synonymous with “Open Water” certified.  It doesn’t matter where you got certified (IE freshwater Springs vs Open Ocean). 


NAUI is the certifying agency that issues the cards, the textbooks, dive tables, log books, & sets the standards & procedures which Instructors must follow.  It is the oldest & most respected agency, & is recognized worldwide.  It is arguably the most widely accepted card on the planet.  NAUI is also the official agency of Disney’s Dive Team, FDNY, US Dept. Of Defense, Florida Aquarium, NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory, & many others.  NAUI has the safest record, with the most flexible course materials for the student-instructor relationship.  NAUI is also a non-profit agency.

Other Agencies you may have heard of are PADI, SSI, SDI & others.

*NAUI stands for National Association of Underwater Instructors


Scuba certification is good for life.  However, many people who got certified years ago are ready to get back into the sport but would prefer a refresher on the skills.  Refresher courses are a way for certified divers to take all (or any portion) of the full scuba course for their own benefit.  It is a non-certification program, so there is no test or mandatory book reading.  However, the diver will participate in the course as if they were a student, but with no pass/fail consequences.  They will be responsible for any spring entry fees (or boat fees), & will need to rent gear/tanks from us unless they have their own.

The fee to take the refresher course is $99, plus your own gear rental & park entry costs.

Click here to sign up for the refresher course!

For an in-depth look at the full Scuba Certification Course…

Course Schedule in Detail

The scuba course is broken up into 3 main parts:

1)  Academic  (classroom portion & written test, or the eLearning program)
2)  Confined Water  (pool, large aquarium, or similar controlled environment).
3)  Open Water   (springs, oceans, etc.)

Day 1 & 2 -  Usually a blend of Academic and/or Confined Water (pool).

Sometimes day 1 is all class, & day 2 is all pool, but this can change from class to class.  If it is a concern   please feel free to ask one of the Instructors anytime.

The pool training starts out slow & builds up as your comfort level increases (IE start in the shallow end,   then slowly progress to the deep end) You will practice all the essential diving skills in safer, controlled   environment.  Once you successfully complete the pool sessions, we will then be ready to move on to   the open water portion of the course.

Day 3 - Usually a trip to one of our shallow springs, such as Alexander Springs, DeLeon Springs, Ginnie   Springs, Manatee springs, or one of many others.

 This day focuses on the skills we learned in the pool, & applies them to real-world environments with a little   bit more depth to build your comfort level.  Once all those skills are completed, we usually end the day   with a little free swim & exploration.

Day 4  -  The “payoff” to all of your training & studying.  These are your final checkout dives where we    reach greater depths (usually 40’ to 60’ of water).  This is the normal diving range of depths for certified    divers.  This last day of diving is primarily just to enjoy yourself, showing the instructor you are capable of    diving with a buddy using the skills you were taught.  These checkout dives are conducted by default at    one of our deeper springs, such as Blue Spring State Park, Troy Spring State Park, Blue Grotto, or    Manatee Springs.

  However, we also do these final dives in the ocean, from a dive boat on the coral reefs of South Florida.    West Palm Beach is typically where we go for these, where the gulf stream runs closest to Florida.  Here,    crystal clear, warm waters bring in a superior seascape of marine life, living coral reefs, rays, tropical fish,    moray eels, lobster, grouper, & much more.  This is truly the best possible experience when feasible.

Freshwater Springs vs. Saltwater Checkout Dives:

When deciding which place to do your final checkout dive is right for you, it really boils down to the experience you want vs your schedule’s flexibility & budget.

At freshwater springs, it is just about a guaranteed dive, on the date that is set.  Weather conditions will almost never cause us not to be able to complete the dive, & nobody gets sea sick or has to worry about the usual fears that come with ocean diving (jellyfish stings, etc.).

With a dive charter checkout on the coral reefs, the experience is always superior.  However, it comes with greater risks of weather cancellations, & other wild cards that can postpone thee dives, which may takes several weeks to reschedule.  It also cost $100 more for the course, as well as the additional transportation fuel, food, & tipping the boat hands.  If doing this on a budget or with a hard deadline (IE getting certified before a honeymoon or cruise), it is recommended to go the route of the springs as the date is very solid.  If none of those things mentioned above are an issue, then we recommend the full experience of diving from a boat in the blue ocean!  The choice is ultimately yours, so please check our schedule to see what course suits you best.

You can sign up right now by paying in full, or placing a deposit.  Placing a deposit is all that is required to reserve your spot, and it allows you to come pick up your book right away!


If scuba diving is something you have been interested in, but just aren’t sure about the commitment to a full course just yet, our Try Scuba program may be the answer.  It’s a 1hr program that lets you simply show up & let one of our instructors show you a few safety pointers, some basics on using the gear, and really just let you play around in the water and see if it for you.  It’s a $25 program, and if you end up liking it the $25 is credited toward your initial personal gear (mask/snorkel/fin/booties) required for the course!

Remember that scuba certification is for life.  It opens up a completely new world of activities, bonding, exploration, hobbies, and so much more.  We hope to see you in one of our classes soon, and thanks for visiting our page!  What are you wading for?

“I consider myself somewhat of a sportsman…  been scuba diving.”

                                                                            -Jerry Seinfeld