About Us

At iDive Florida, we strive to provide everyone with quality instruction, equipment, service and of course, fun. We want to see divers connecting over the love of the sport and sharing their experiences. We aim to create a dive family with staff and fellow divers from the local community as well as abroad. Store owners and NAUI Instructors, Jason Ellins and Shawn Hern, can frequently be seen in the shop with their own families and say that, “We want this to be a place people want to come hang out, in and out of the water.” 

We want to THANK YOU

iDive started from the ground up, and now has more (and higher) reviews online than any other dive shop from Palm Coast up through Jacksonville!  We have an EXTREMELY active social media communication.

  • Highest rated & most reviewed on any major search engine.
  • Most diverse and qualified staff
  • Dive shop boutique is located right on A1A, in the heart of everything Saint Augustine is famous for.
  • Perfect safety record.
  • Extremely active and engaged social media.
  • Communication:  From apps to in-store iPads, we are always trying to make it easier to dive!

We hope to see you in our dive shop, speak with you online or better yet go diving with you very soon! Thanks for taking a few minutes to read our history.

What are you wading for?