Regulators, Gauges and Computers

iDive offers only regulators and computers we feel safe providing to our students and divers. 

Since we are diving with the same people we sell these life-support products to, it's important to consider all of the following when purchasing a new regulator or computer system:

Function - Does it breath easy, assemble easy, and is it user-friendly?  Nobody likes difficult equipment on a rocking dive boat!  It should be easy to grab and go diving with, it's as simple as that.

Durability - Problematic dive gear is unacceptable.  There is nothing worse than having a day or an entire trip ruined because of cheap or poorly assembled/maintained dive gear.

Serviceability - How much will it cost and how often will the customer be hassled with service intervals, etc?  Will parts be available long term, and are there known issues after "x" amount of years, and how healthy is the company?  What kind of warranty is offered, and more importantly, how easy is it to get the warranty repair or replacement?

Style - When possible, it never hurts to be able to customize your gear to help it stand out on the dive boat (or in that epic photo!).  There is nothing wrong with looking your best underwater and on land with the best dive gear available!

Entire trips, play days, sport and lifestyles are 100% reliant on your gear.  Know you are getting the best, and know you have made a wise investment.