Gear Bags

Scuba Gear Bags and Luggage

At iDive, we are ALWAYS diving,  whether it be a day trip to the springs, a weekend in West Palm, Keys, or International dive trips.  THE biggest thing that comes into play on those dives is how your gear is transported, protected and stored.

We've spent years watching and listening to what works, what doesn't, and have narrowed it down to the most popular and effective bags and luggage available on the market!

Probably the biggest overlooked element of diving in general, dive bags and luggage can make or break the experience, and can even make or "break" your gear=0)

Transporting dive gear is one thing that can add or reduce stress, depending on its execution.

Make your dive flow, save your back, and protect your investment! 

As always, we offer the best available in the industry -Stahlsac Bags.  Lifetime warranty, superbly engineered, attractive and lightweight, Stahlsac has quickly become the most sought-after dive luggage line in the industry!

Can't find what you're looking for or item out of stock? Let us know and we might be able to get it for you!