Pony Bottle - Zeagle 6 cu ft Complete System

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6 cu ft Pony Bottle Complete System

The 6 cu ft Pony Bottle and Regulator System is attached to a Zeagle BC in between the vest and bladder assembly. The octopus regulator is attached to a D-ring mounted to the vest and can be easily accessed by any diver. The pouch and bottle itself is positioned facing downward so that the drawstring opening of the pouch can be released allowing the bottle and regulator to be handed off to another diver while the pouch remains securely fastened to the BC.

  • Can be easily removed, or handed off underwater if needed.
  • Literally everything needed for a complete pony system
  • Transfiller allows you to fill off regular sized tanks for easy, on-site filling.
  • Tucks neatly out of the way, comes with everything to attach it to your Zeagle BC
  • Streamlined valve is integrated with First Stage, so it remains sleek and compact
  • Mini gauge included, so no guessing what's in your tank before a dive!

The image shows the grommet hole system, although for ease-of-use and quick ability to attach / detach, iDive recommeds the Zip-mounted system (not pictured).

Refilling the bottle is done with the supplied yoke transfiller which allows the RaZor 1st stage to fill off of another standard yoke valve Scuba cylinder. To see a video on the transfiller and how to properly engage and disengage the transfiller take a look at the Videos tab below.

Weight: roughly 6lbs (empty)