X1 Blade fin

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X1 Blade Fin by Atomic Aquatics

Finally an Atomic grade dive fin at an affordable price.  The X1 Bladefin completes the Atomic line of scuba diver fins, making them available for every diver need and price point.  

This is a newly designed, more simplified fin ideal for tech diving, underwater photography, open water swimming, snorkeling and a great starter set for new divers.  These fins are also excellent for frog kicking!

Although the entry level fin in the Atomic line, these are still far superior in both performance and comfort compared to any other fin at this price point.  In addition, we prefer the Atomic line here at our dive shop due to the superior customer service and no hassle warranty / returns that keeps us impressed.

Ergonomic and EASY quick release buckles.

Strong blade channel

Form-fitting and comfortable foot pocket with drainage vent under the toe.

6 Atomic colors to choose from

And finally, these fins look good.  

With the full range of Atomic colors, these will go perfectly with your masks, snorkels, regulators and everything else!  

Come try on a pair at our dive shop today and see for yourself what makes Atomic fins stand out from the pack!