Exposure Protection (Wetsuits, Chillguards, etc.)

At iDive, staying comfortable and staying warm are paramount to diving.  Having the right suits and accessories for the right climate can work wonders.  We've watched a hand full of divers stay warm, comfy, under and above the water, and leave the day with a smile.  We've also watched divers freeze, struggle into or out of their suits, or get chilled on the boat and not enjoy their trip.  The solution is simply having the right outerwear for the right environments.

Wetsuits are not created equal:  From thermal properties to seams, to proper fitment and cuts, there is a wild difference between a good suit and a "budget" suit.  Also, remember a wetsuit has a lifespan on it.  Neoprene has trapped nitrogen bubbles inside the material that slowly dissolve and work their way out with use and even in storage!

We are in and out all the time, and so are our customers!  A wetsuit can be your best friend or worst nightmare, so making an experienced decision and getting the proper outerwear is critical!

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