Signal Tube / Safety Sausage / Surface Marker Buoy

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Basic Signal Tube - Meets offshore boating requirements

This SMB is easy to inflate, double-stitched along the seams (critical to lasting several dive trips), and is large enough to be seen from casual boating excursions.

*Meets basic offshore boat diving requirements for iDive and other boat trips.

**Simply request DELIVER TO DIVE in checkout notes section if you want us to bring this to the dive site!  There is no charge for this service when diving with iDive =0)

The Standard Signal Tube is a surface signaling device with a fluorescent high-viz coloring. The tube is inflated at the surface with an oral inflation valve and measures 48” tall for visibility. Signal Tubes / Safety Sausages roll up and fasten with hook & loop straps in a tight roll that will fit in a BCD pocket until needed. Two types of mesh pouches are available to attach your signal tube to your Zeagle BC, as well. 

A reel is also quite common with this purchase, to release the buoy earlier at depth to have it inflated and waiting at the surface while on your safety stop. 

Click here for taller or larger tubes you can fill with an octopus or SS1 without removing your regulator while underwater.

Note that these signal tubes are required for diving offshore on dive boats for any sanctioned or professionally organized charter.

When taking a scuba certification class with a boat dive included as part of the training, this meets the requirement for mandatory gear a new student must purchase.  Remember these are for your safety!