XS Scuba Console Retractor

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XS SCUBA Console Retractor

This is the only gauge retractor iDive Florida recommends!  We have tried many similar gauges, but none hold up like this one.  It continues to pull properly after years of abuse (scuba instructor and dive leader use!).  It is also nice and compact, with all the attachments included for any mounting scenario. 


  • Mini retractor size
  • Designed for the proper extension and pull for gauge console
  • Attach to diver with Delrin snap hook or threaded stud
  • Attach to console with stainless steel split ring or nylon lanyard
  • Built-in quick-release buckle
  • Extension: 18" coated stainless steel cable
  • Pull force: 20 ounce
  • Retractor dimensions:
    height 2.0" x width 1.5" x depth .6"

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