Shark Tooth Dive

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Shark Tooth Dive

September 26, 2020 8am and 1pm


iDive is heading to Venice Beach, Florida in search of pre-historic shark's teeth, fossils, and artifacts!  These are 25-30ft dives where in the past we have found many shark teeth of all different sizes. We've got a private charter on a small boat, and he takes us to secret coordinates that aren't nearly as picked over as The Boneyard! The first dive is a hunt for huge megolodon teeth, and the second is riddled with big mako, sand, lemon, bull and a handful of other species.  Because the dives are shallow, you can get super long bottom times, practically searching until your tank is at low air! On our last dive, we found 120 teeth EACH (see coffee table photo)!


$110 - Price includes:

  • 2 Dives
  • Tanks
  • Boat fees (excludes tip!)
  • Shark teeth that you find


  • Scuba Gear (can be rented from iDive & delivered for additional fee)
  • Safety Sausage (can be purchased at iDive or delivered for free after purchase)
  • Shark tooth bag to hold shark's teeth found! (small mesh bags can be purchased in the shop!)
  • Tipping of the boat help (Average is $15 -$10 being low and $20 being high)

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