Manatee Snorkeling Pontoon Tour - Crystal River

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Manatee Snorkeling Weekend at Crystal River, FL

January 25th 2020 12pm

Snorkel with the manatees in Crystal River!

Saturday, Sunday, or both...

Come join us on the pontoon boat tour in a crystal clear river surrounded by manatees!

If you choose to do both days, you may opt to do an 8am drift dive at Rainbow River, an additional manatee snorkel, or rent a kayak and paddle around the river. (Additional fees apply at the dive shop in Crystal River)

What's included?

  • Pontoon boat ride
  • Snorkeling at best possible spot to see manatees

The video below is from a manatee tour a few years ago.  Although it was storming and raining, we all had a blast!

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If cold weather rolls in, not to worry, the springs will stay around 72 degrees F (Manatees are quite smart!).

This can be a one OR two day excursion.The iDive Crew will let you know what hotel we use if you'd like to join us both days. You can, however, choose to go for just one of the two days or opt-out on getting a hotel room. (contact us for more info on hotels) 

You are not scuba certified, don't worry!  We are snorkeling! Everyone is welcome to join!

About the trip...

iDive will be commandeering a large pontoon boat, steering it from the marina throughout the Crystal River manatee sanctuary.  There are several spring locations along the way, including the famous King's Bay and Jurassic Spring.  We'll also be stopping throughout the river and waterways at other points of interest, but focusing most of the time at Three Sisters, where the majority of manatees converge.  In many cases, the water is clearest and manatees most abundant at Three Sisters, so we often end up staying at that destination most of the tour.

This trip is guided both on the boat and in the water.  The crew have frequented Crystal River many times and are looking forward to showing everyone around!

This is a relaxed-paced snorkel trip, with primarily shallow depths.  Visibility is very clear in most locations.

We recommend a 5mm full-length wetsuit or above. It's chilly!

Of course, you'll want a good set of snorkeling gear!

  • 10 spots available. Ages 10+.
  • Must be comfortable snorkeler/swimmer.