Buoyancy Compensators

We rarely have a customer return to tell us about their BC's performance.  Instead, they are often escorting a friend into the dive shop to have them try on one of our products!  We get zero complaints, and nothing but ecstatic responses when we ask how the dive went.

At iDive, we dive with the vast majority of our customers.  There are few things that effect your comfort and control underwater more than a BC.  It's the "chassis" for the rest of your body, equipment, and life support system.  It's also taking a lot of abuse. That's why we have chosen Zeagle for nearly all of our BC needs.  we have tried nearly every BC under the sun, and there is a reason Zeagle is the #1 most imitated BC, and has been for decades.

To be fair, a lot of new divers "love" their new BC, regardless of type.  Why?  Because often rentals constist of weight belt usage, do not fit right, are unisex, and are of old function and technology.  Most new divers will love just about anything they spend $300-$800 on, especially when compared to a rental and not much else.

A diver with only a hand full of dives under his or her belt can tell you...It's a world of difference (especially when it comes to women's BCs).  You can only imagine what new divers think of Zeagle BCs.

Zeagle's are made of heavy-duty materials that are usually only disposed of because of old looks (often 20 years later.

They're made in the USA, right here in Florida!  The warranty is unbeatable, never with any hassle on repair.

You can customize both the size and color, and replace parts individually down the road when needed.

Finally, the back inflates are the most stable BCs on the market due to their rear weight system located on the bottom of the second tank strap (included on nearly all models).

Until we find a better BC, we will continue to dive the Zeagle BCs for our recreational and technical needs.