Underwater Photography: Get the Shot

Underwater Photography: Get the Shot

According to the Sport Diver editors, 

"Underwater photography done well has the uncanny ability to take one diver’s experiences and emotions, and deliver them straight to the viewer." 

These are the moments we dive for, ones that we want to share and inspire us to keep diving- whether that means swimming next to a hammerhead or discovering a seahorse colony in low grasses. Capturing those moments is not always easy however, and even tricker is making sure they turn out clear. 

So, here are five photography tips!

1) Make sure you have a red lens filter. Red is the first color that begins to exit the color spectrum, and it is this color that keeps the photos more color accurate and vibrant. 

2) You have to get closer than you think. If you have a camera with a viewing screen, cool, you can see your shot instantly. If you do not, know that water reduces contrast and sharpness. 

3) If you are not the best with your buoyancy yet, the camera can wait. How still and steady you are in the water affects both photos and videos, not to mention how the wildlife behave around you. 

4) If you are taking a photo of wildlife and are unsure if you are getting it in focus, pay attention to the critter's eye. If you have that in focus, you are good. 

5) This one will sound obvious, but when you are underwater, it can be easy to forget: Keep your light source behind you. 

If you like the way our photos look and are interested in underwater photography, here are two, easy to use shop favorites:

  1. Water Shot 

        2. Weefine

Key highlights about both are how easy they are to use underwater. There is no point in bringing down a camera that is difficult to use when you are first starting out or are interested in relaxing. Keep that in mind whether you are with us or picking one up elsewhere.

Oh! And we always love seeing your shots, so do bring them in if you are stopping by! If you're excited, chances are we would be too :)