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Shark Tooth Dives 2015

What do you do when your boat cancels because of zero visibility?

You make it an even better trip than it was planned to be…

iDive was notified at the last moment our dive trip out of Venice Beach was cancelled due to zero visibility.  Usually, this would shut down any operation and cancel trips, but iDive does not let up… we make better plans!

 We started at the Venice Beach Pier, in hopes of finding some shark’s teeth… We scoped out the premises, designed our dive plan, and geared up.


Freezing West Coast waters did not scare us; it only motivated us to find what its depths consisted of. Although we did not have high hopes, we knew we would find something…

We all headed down together, the visibility was about 3 inches so everyone had to hold hands with their buddies.  The depth was only about 15' so we reached the bottom quickly.  Everyone deliberately overweighted themselves so it would be easier to lay on the bottom as we searched for fossils. Kayley found a shark’s tooth within 5 minutes while Sarah and Madison uncovered a couple large sand dollars. It was cold, but completely worth the experience.  

Then, in search of more adventure, we found THE BEST private kayak tour in Venice Beach… We explored the mangroves of the west coast, tasting fresh oysters while bird watching and spectating on dolphins feeding.  


Our guide, Pat, from Beach Road Water Sports was extremely educated on the area and showed us all around the estuary.  He even plucked a couple oysters from the mangrove branches and let us try some!

The 3 hour tour flew by and we had to rush to the Monster X show!  Got Pat to take a selfie with us before we skedaddled-

Only a couple of us had ever been to a monster truck show so it was very interesting to hear and see everyone's reaction to the event...

I guess this would be a kinda shocking sight, huh?!

Jason and Shawn (instructors at iDive who were on tour at the time) hooked us up with pit passes where we got to meet some of the drivers and checkout their trucks.


We then were lead to the best seats in the house, directly behind Jason himself.  

The show was ridiculously entertaining, but the best part of the experience was definitely having the opportunity to whip around in one of those bad boys....

...and the Lenny Cooper concert!

The iDive Crew wants to give a special thanks to Shawn and Jason for an amazing show and to all of those who contributed to the memorable trip!  Be sure to checkout the trip's Full Video (below) and join us on our Upcoming Trips!